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Fastrim Superior Weight Loss Formula

Fastrim Superior Weight Loss Formula

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Contrary to popular belief, leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult; it doesn't have to be painful or time-consuming. Making gradual, simple changes in your diet and physical activity will make great improvements in your health and well-being, and they can drastically reduce your risk of disease. Most people who decide to lead a healthier lifestyle go on traditional diets. The truth is, however, that 95% of those who go on such diets fail; what's worse, they often end up in worse shape than when they started. Low carbohydrate diets and other fad diets are both ineffective and potentially harmful; they should be replaced by long-term health-oriented programs. Most people, though, do not know how to make the behavioral changes that promote optimum health and they continue on their low carbohydrate diet.

Fastrim A state of the art formula that naturally supports a low carbohydrate' diet by blocking the digestion of carbohydrates, by inhibiting those digestive enzymes involved in carbohydrate digestion. 
Fastrim’s Carbohydrate Blocking blend contains 'Phaseolamin 2250 carb blocker, a clinically tested ingredient that helps to block the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, a major source of calories in the diet. Other ingredients of Fastrim, Gemnema Sylvester, Fenugreek, and Green Tea Extract, helps control body weight by inhibiting the absorption of carbohydrates from food to blood stream and enhancing metabolism of sugar in the blood.
Reducing calorie absorption encourages your body to mobilize and burn its stored fats as energy, encouraging weight loss.

Phaseolamin 2250, the first clinically proven standardized supplement from white kidney beans. Phaseolamin inhibits the activity of carbohydrate digesting enzyme alpha amylase in the GI tract (the enzyme that breaks down starches into simple sugars for absorption). This leaves the carbs in a state that is too large to be absorbed. In clinical studies, subjects using Phaseolamin 2250 lost an average of 1? pounds of fat per week. The name Phaseolamin 2250 came about because 1 gm of Phaseolamin 2250 neutralized 2250 starch calories using a modified USP test method. 
Note that the weight loss was fat only. It does not cause the loss of lean tissue. It does not even enter the blood stream, so there are virtually no side effects. In the experiments conducted so far, some people have reported slightly softer stools or minor bloating – but no one complained about them.

Gymnema Sylvester
Iis an Indian Herb recognized for centuries. Gymnema Sylvestra can help balance blood sugar, control cravings and hence lose weight. It blocks intestinal absorption of sugar and the sugar passes through the system. Gymnema Sylvestre, also known as Gurmar and Meshashringi, whose Hindi name literally means "sugar destroyer", has been used in Ayurveda for several centuries to regulate sugar metabolism. Because Gymnema has a molecular structure similar to sugar, it blocks and inhibits a large percentage of sugar absorption and has the incredible ability of severing ones desire for sugar. 
Clinical studies from Japan evaluated the effects of Gymnema Sylvestre on plasma and liver lipids. Extract of Gymnema Sylvestre leafs induced apparent fat digestibility, though not the protein digestibility. Results showed that Gymnema Sylvestre extract also was efficient to reduce the levels of plasma triglycerides and cholesterol influencing over a wide range of lipoid metabolism, as well as to suppress body weight gain, and accumulation of fat drops in kidney and other tissues. It is found that Gymnema Sylvestre has similar results to those of chitosan, even if they are given together.

Is known to reduce blood sugar, relieves constipation, suppresses appetite & promotes weight loss. Fenugreek seed has several effects in carbohydrate metabolism. It has also been traditionally used in treatment of diabetic subjects. Fenugreek has a direct effect on glutathione increasing its plasma levels, as well as on glutathione s-transferase enzyme in the liver, increasing its activity. An active amino acid found in fenugreek seeds is 4-hydroxysoleucine, which also shows interesting effects on increased insulin production and can also mimic insulin, restoring the normal levels of sugars in the blood. 

Green Tea Extract
Green tea is good for weight loss. Green tea is a powerful anti-oxidant. Just like vitamin C and beta-carotene! But researchers have suggested that the active ingredient (called epigallocatechin gallate) may be up to 200 times more powerful than vitamin E as an oxidant. 
Green tea may be useful as a glucose regulator -- meaning it slows the rise in blood sugar following a meal. 
It does this by slowing the action of a particular digestive enzyme called amylase. This enzyme is pivotal in the breakdown of starches (carbs) that can cause blood sugar levels to soar following a meal. Green tea has also helped aid weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate, causing those who use it to experience greater calorie burn.

A recent study further validates green tea's effectiveness. A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Vol. 81, No. 1, 122-129, January 2005), indicated the ingestion of a tea rich in catechins (catechins are a major component of green tea extract) leads to both a lowering of body fat AND of cholesterol levels. 

Fastrim offers a way to help reduce weight gradually and healthily, as part of a weight and diet management program. Having achieved the ideal weight, Fastrim can help maintain it.

Fastrim works!
 The next important attribute it possesses is that it does not give you side effects and does not contain ingredients that may give you heart palpitations. Fastrim is a powerful and safe slimming product. These are the results you will achieve. Fastrim herbal supplement is the first slimming aid with full scientific proof of its power to help lose weight. 

How Long?
Fastrim should be taken regularly until you reach your weight loss target. We recommend taking Fastrim for a minimum of 2 months, and for as long as it takes to change your eating habits




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