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Alpha Male Plus, Sexual Performance Formula, 60 Capsules by magnarx

Alpha Male Plus, Sexual Performance Formula, 60 Capsules by magnarx

60 Capsules

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Here's what lets him service an entire harem


MEN: tap into the essence of the bull elk, the outrageously sexual superpower of the animal kingdom!

OK, Men, straight up: There's more TO sex, there's a lot MORE sex, and it's time you had it! Consider this:

You're familiar with the mating habits of the elk, right? Each fall during the rut, the strongest and most aggressive male elk in the herd amasses an enormous harem of females -- all for him to service and impregnate. With a forcefully singular purpose, the bull elk even foregoes eating during this time so he can focus entirely on sex, sex, sex! He goes about this business continually, meaning multiple sexual orgasms often just minutes apart as he works the whole harem.

What drives this amazing STUD ability?

Tap into it with the formula that increases testosterone up to 500%!

ALPHA MALE PLUS is the answer: it's made with real velvet elk antler, a one-of-a-kind incredibly rich source of all the essential factors for almost impossibly wild sexual capabilities. Dr. Albert O'Connor M.D. is a certified Chief of Urology who extensively studied velvet elk antler, and then created this exclusive formula with all the amazing properties of velvet antler in an easy-to-take tablet!

Here's the deal: Scientists have affirmed what Oriental cultures have known for thousands of years that the power of total virility is contained in the velvet antler. An analysis of velvet elk antler shows it to be richly endowed with nutrients, proteins, amino acids, minerals, and more at least 40 key male-health compounds!

ANTLER has been used for centuries for all kinds of different health-enhancing purposes but is especially treasured for delivering:

    Male sexual mega-power
    Multiple orgasm in men!
    Fast sexual recovery, even after many climaxes
    Big increases in semen volume
    Double - or triple - strength orgasmic contractions
    All-night-long repeat performance stamina!

ALPHA MALE PLUS is velvet elk antler plus additional men's nutrients and sexual intensity ingredients
. And it's going to blast your sexual ability sky-high!






The miraculous healing profile of Velvet Elk Antler

For centuries, Chinese, Russian and Oceania tribe doctors and herbalists have used velvet antler for its amazingly diverse healing capabilities. Velvet antler has been shown to help:

  • balance blood pressure
  • enrich the blood hemoglobin
  • improve lung capacity
  • speed recovery from exercise
  • improve muscle tone
  • tone up gland function
  • boost mental alertness
  • reduce swelling
  • decrease arthritic inflammation
  • heal stress and injury to internal organs
and many, many other uses

Velvet antler is particularly useful in helping treat many men's health concerns:

  • male hormone balance
  • enlarged prostate
  • male potency and fertility
  • erectile dysfunction
  • semen quality

But get THIS:

they've also found it to be almost ridiculously effective simply beyond belief at times at creating a new standard of masculine sexual power.

We make it easy for you to obtain and use this miracle substance, with the convenience and quality of ALPHA MALE PLUS.

ALPHA MALE PLUS gives you the strength of the bull ELK! Increases testosterone up to 500%
PLUS -- look at this list of powerful effects:

  • Increases production of semen
  • Allows rapid recovery after each climax
  • Gives rapid re-ramping of the sexual cycle
  • Produces stronger orgasmic contractions
  • Sets the stage for even MULTIPLE orgasms
  • Supports health and function of all sexual systems
  • Leads to harder, stronger, longer-lasting erections
  • Speeds arousal and time to orgasm
  • Boosts volume and shooting power of your load

Now, the most potent and most proven male aphrodisiac and VIRILITY booster ever known with no prescription, no doctors' office visits, no side effects!

Nothing but raw sexual power.

** Have amazing sex up to 20 times a day!

Alpha Male Plus is even better than the ancient formulas:

it's blended with natural ingredients chosen using the most up-to-date knowledge of sexual stimulating botanicals and nutrients.

Plus, it's standardized with the latest technology for consistent, accurate potency!




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Thanks alot evrything went perfect about the proudct it works good gave me result but if some one will try thim i recommend thim to do some exercises to get more better and better results with light diet i would like to add that i have lost 2 kg in 1 week rem that i got the tea in 30.9 and started from 1.10 100 packs plus 20 packs i hope u dont mind that i write a feedback about ur proudcts thanks again