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gold collagen mask by MyM

gold collagen mask by MyM

gold collagen mask

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The worst spring beauty buy: Gold Collagen Mask

Unfortunately, the Gold Collagen Mask (DR.RASHEL) is not just the worst spring beauty buy, it is  by far the worst beauty buy ever. I am not a big fan of skincare products which claims to use gold as a skincare ingredient with anti-ageing benefits because I believe there are on the market  plenty of scientifically proven anti-ageing ingredient which are more effective. This was a random buy, a trap we fall sometimes with affordable skincare with big claims. Lucky I was not too greedy and bought only two pieces (10 AED/2,7 USD per piece).
 It claims to contain "all the rejuvenating properties that  gold has to offer with 24 carat gold nano-particles, organic nutrients, amino acids, soya protein, rose essence and anti-oxidants, all infused with a safe collagen-base, all natural anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle 24 carat gold mask".

It's mean to "accelerate collagen renewal, minimize your pores, soften and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles". So far everything sounds promising and tempting.

The mask comes in a foil package which can  easily be open without scissors. The mask itself has a soft plastic texture, but it is much heavier and thicker than a sheet type mask. The consistency of the fluid in which the mask is infused is very watery and, in my opinion, more than you would need. I don't agree with this consistency for this type of the product. It doesn't look like the mask can absorb the liquid or, at least, can't absorb much of it. Because of its watery consistency you can't either apply much on your face, neck, arms.
 When I opened the package half of the infusion ended up on the table,  the rest of the infusion ended up in the drain  after I applied a "generous" amount on my face. The chances (from my personal experience) that the applied product will drip into your hair or, even worse, in your eyes, after you lie down, are very high. I didn't consider to save the infusion for later use because I don't think the ingredients (the formula has incorporated a few antioxidants)  are effective after being exposed to the light and air. 
The application was very messy. It is not the type of mask which sticks to your face. All my efforts to create a snug fit was in vain. It kept slipping off my face.  The only way to keep it in place is to lie down for the following 20-30 minutes (recommended time). It doesn't provide a good fit around the nose, eyes and chin, unless you have a complete flat face. All in all, I heroically resisted "the battle" with this mask for entire 20 minutes because I really wanted to see if any claimed benefits will be notable on my face. Guess what? My pores had the same size and there were no any improvement in  my fine lines and wrinkles. I even can't say that my skin was feeling moisturized after I took the mask off.
 Last but not least, another drawback of this product was the scent  which was just awful and vanished my last hope to like at least something about it.
Bottom line:
I didn't expect that this mask will be a miracle mask but, to be honest, I had some hopes when I bought it. All I can say, very disappointed from the start till the end.  If you tried this product and you liked it, just ignore what I said. It is my personal experience with this product. There is not a one size fits all.  It didn't do anything for me. I am not going to torture myself again with this mask so I chucked the second piece in the garbage bin already




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